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Futhark Silver Pendant

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The Futhark is the Germanic runic series. It consists of 24 characters, the "runes" and is... more
Product information "Futhark Silver Pendant"

The Futhark is the Germanic runic series. It consists of 24 characters, the "runes" and is arranged in a similar way to our alphabet. The name Futhark is composed of the first 6 runes F–U–Þ–A–R–K. These runes were the means earlier (around 50 AD to 750 AD), the Germanic tribes, written communication, the recording of stories and the documentation of events. As an alternative, there is also an Anglo-Saxon Futhark consisting of 16 characters, but we will not go into this here.

Each of the 24 runes has two meanings, as well as the famous 2 strings of a medal, each character has a connection to positive and negative properties. The duality of meaning strengthens the good qualities and protects against the bad. The magic of the runes, their exact meanings and properties ascribed to them are as varied as Germanic mythology itself. & Nbsp;


All pendants are made of 925 sterling silver and are handcrafted. Opening width 4mmx7mm


Futhark runic circle runes VikingsArticle variant 12401 Futhark rune circle silver pendant

Classic round representation of the Germanic Futhark. Solid and detailed.

WxH 29mmx38mm & nbsp;



Futhark runic circle runes Vikings Article variant 12403  Odin on Sleipnir in the Futhark 

Godfather Odin rides his horse Sleipnir. This is represented with eight legs, since it is able to glide equally over land and water. Framed with the Futhark. The pendant is slightly arched forwards and the back is solidly designed. The filigree workmanship brings with it a beautiful and pre-determined patina. WxH 26mmx28mm


Futhark runic circle runes VikingsItem variant 12404  Wolf in the rune circle Futhark

Wolf silver pendant decorated with knot ornament. It is framed in a noble rune circle with the Futhark. The trailer is designed to be flat overall, with the wolf firmly attached to the perimeter. The back is hammered, so that the pendant lies comfortably on the skin. The filigree workmanship brings with it an intensive and pre-determined patina. WxH 27mmx38mm


Futhark runic circle Runes Vikings Article variant 12409 Rune of irresistibility in Futhark

Round Viking silver pendant with the rune of irresistibility in the circle of Futhark. The front is slightly arched and the back is open for good wearing comfort. 28mmx38mm



Futhark rune circle runes VikingsItem variant 12550  Valknut and Futhark

Valknut silver pendant with Futhark frame. The Valknut or Wotan's knot is a historically ambiguous symbol from German antiquity. It can be found on Gothic picture stones as well as on the & nbsp; rune box by Auzon. It seems to relate heavily to fighting strength and sacrifice.  WxH 26mmx38mm


Material: 925 Sterlingsilber
Symbol: Futhark, Runes, Vikings
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