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Viking Dragon Silver Pendant

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In the old stories of the Germanic tribes, especially the Vikings, there is often a reference to... more
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In the old stories of the Germanic tribes, especially the Vikings, there is often a reference to two horrific, gigantic and godlike beings. The Midgard Serpent and Nidhoggr. The Midgard serpent appears in the story of Ragnaroek, there she fights against Thor and both wound each other fatally. Nidhoggr, is the dragon of death that gnaws at the roots of the world tree and feeds on the flesh and blood of the dead. The dreaded long boats of the Vikings were also called "dragons", a dragon's head often adorned the bow of a ship, which is why they became Dragon boats .

The dragon is generally regarded as a symbol of sheer strength, fearlessness and the pure natural flow of magic between heaven and earth. Dragons can be found in almost all cultures, even in many religions there are dragons or dragon-like beings.

The pendants are made of 925 sterling silver and have an opening of about 4mmx7mm


Dragon Viking pendant silver

Article variant 12422 - Double Viking Dragon

  • 2 stylized dragons entwined in the shape of a Celtic knot.
  • WxH 27mmx36mm



Dragon Viking pendant silverArticle variant 12423 - Dragon amulet with triskelion

  • Solid silver plate with an engraved dragon with Celtic knots
  • The dragon is lofty & nbsp; and has a triskelion in front of the mouth
  • WxH 27mmx37mm



Dragon Viking pendant silver Article variant 12407 - Double dragon & nbsp;

  • Two intertwined dragons that form a knot
  • the dragons are placed on a circle, the & Ouml; se decorated with a knot
  • WxH 30mmx45mm
Material: 925 Sterlingsilber
Length: 29mm
Width: 30mm
Symbol: Dragon boat, Vikings
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