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Solid silver ax pendant Bearded ax Dane

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Solid bearded ax silver pendant with a large incorporated eyelet. The pendants are provided... more
Product information "Solid silver ax pendant Bearded ax Dane"

Solid bearded ax silver pendant with a large incorporated eyelet. The pendants are provided with Celtic and Viking ornamentation in the knot motif. The filigree workmanship brings a beautiful patina (black patina on silver) with it .

The Danaxt is seen next to the round shield as the epitome of Viking warfare. With its long shaft it is possible to reach behind the opponent's shield and tear it down if necessary. The ax blade, which was usually elongated, also had an effect behind the the shields edge. It has a characteristic, narrow neckline and a broad hitting edge.

The symbolism of the ax itself embodies force, effectiveness and also determination. Anyone who has once enjoyed the joys of splitting wood can certainly understand the power thats meant here.


Viking beard ax Celtic knot motif Variant article number: 12412 Dan ax with triskele and Celtic knot, size HxW: 35x33mm, eyelet size 8x6mm

The Celtic knot is already an expression of the complexity of existence in a shamanic "non-written" early culture .It is infinite and at the same time symbolizes complexity and simplicity .

The representation of the Triskell, also Triskele, is one of the early magic symbols, which is composed of three individual bays. Based on the observation that three individual parts merge into a common larger whole .


Wikinger Danaxt chain pendant silver

Variant article number: 12413 richly decorated Viking Danaxe, size HxW: 37x29mm eyelet size 9x6mm

Openwork Viking Dan ax blade with complex knot ornamentation.




Viking beard ax battle ax Nidhogg Silver chain pendant

Variant article number: 12414 Viking battle ax, bearded ax head decorated with Nidhøggr Size HxW: 38x35mm, eyelet size 9x7.5mm

Nidhøggr or Nidhogg is derived from the Old Norse Níðhǫggr "the hateful beater" [1]. In nordic mythology it is a snake-like dragon that lives on the world tree Yggdrassil and torments the dead.




[1] Wikipedia source reference


Material: 925 Sterlingsilber
Length: 38mm, 37mm, 35mm
Width: 33mm, 29mm, 35mm
Eyelet width: 8x6mm, 9x6mm, 9x7,5mm
Symbol: Axe, Celtic knot, Triqueta, Vikings
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